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Michigan Comprehensive Contraceptive Education for the Pharmacist is a Course

Michigan Comprehensive Contraceptive Education for the Pharmacist

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Comprehensive Contraceptive Education:

Dear Michigan Pharmacist,

Women in the United States have had access to highly effective hormonal contraception in the form of an oral pill for decades. However, they have always needed to see their doctor or women’s health provider in order to get a prescription for it, causing what many believe to be an unnecessary hurdle.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have issued a formal statement that self-administered hormonal contraception should be made more accessible by removing this barrier. This is because the benefit of preventing unintended pregnancies by improving access to hormonal contraception outweighs the small risks associated with serious adverse events. Allowing pharmacists to provide hormonal contraception directly to women is one way to increase access now.

This is an exciting time for the profession of pharmacy because of the position and accessibility that many pharmacists can provide towards helping to improve access to hormonal contraception. Many states have now passed laws that allow women to obtain self-administered hormonal contraception directly from their pharmacist, and it’s possible that more states will follow. While pharmacists are knowledgeable in being able to counsel women on the side effects and what to expect, before now they have never been in the role of starting or continuing a woman on any form of hormonal contraception. It is good to have a foundational knowledge on hormonal contraception, but prescribing it requires a deeper understanding of how to practice seeing patients and in making clinical decisions.

This training program has received significant support and guidance from several OBGYN members of ACOG, and is specifically designed to give pharmacists the tools needed to be confident and successful in prescribing and monitoring self-administered hormonal contraception.

The Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing has received inquiries regarding whether physicians may delegate limited prescribing authority to pharmacists to allow them to prescribe self-administered, hormonal contraceptives. After review, we have concluded that this type of delegation is permissible under Michigan law, subject to certain conditions and requirements outlined in this Interpretive Statement. If a physician and pharmacist(s) choose to enter into a delegation agreement to allow the pharmacist(s) to prescribe self-administered, hormonal contraceptives, they may wish to review and consider this Sample Delegation Agreement for Pharmacist-Prescribed Self-Administered, Hormonal Contraceptives.

If you have questions about this topic you may wish to review the documents linked below, or you can email them to

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This program has been planned and implemented in accordance with the policies of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education through the sponsorship of OSU College of Pharmacy. The OSU College of Pharmacy is approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. Upon completion of this activity, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, and a Statement of Credit shall be uploaded to CPE Monitor. Completion requires 1) Registration for the course 2) Completion of all modules and 3) Completion of the program evaluation.

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Activity Release Date: 10/01/2022
Activity Expiration Date: 10/01/2025

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Additional Resources:

The guidelines for contraceptive use put out by the CDC have an app that can be downloaded for use. You can find it by searching "US MEC US SPR" in iTunes or Google Play, or by clicking on this link and scrolling down: US MEC App, the guidelines for contraceptive use put out by the CDC.

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If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact OSU College of Pharmacy.

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